minrims are readers that magnetically attach to your iPhone — always there when you need them.

*multiple design and utility patents pending in the US/China/EU

Our story

At first there were 2 old dogs, both friends and partners in tech startups, who after decades of staring at screens for work and video gaming, went blind~ish.

They needed readers but the options were all ugly/boring/and never where you needed them. They knew they could do better, and did — introducing minrims.

Quality materials
Quality materials
Quality materials

Why minrims

There are dozens of options when it comes to readers, but minrims wins first on form and function, second on quality of materials, and then finally on design. We put extensive time/energy/research into creating the ideal readers--which are now protected by four distinct, utility and design patterns in the USA and abroad (including China).

They are very compact and fold up into a small, portable case.

The case is MagSafe compatible and was designed to seamlessly stick to the back of your iPhone (version 12 or newer).

The quality of materials match what you would expect from an Apple MagSafe ecosystem accessory product.

Use as a portrait viewing stand.
Compact, comfortable, high quality materials.
MagSafe compatible. Take it with you anywhere.
We’re launching
June 2023
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